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How to Choose the Right Window Covering for Your Home:
1. Light Source – First make sure you know which direction your windows face. A Northern facing window tends to be cold and would benefit from energy efficient insulating window treatments. A Southern exposure results in year-round intense light, which would benefit from light diffusing window coverings to protect the interior of a room from damaging ultra-violet rays that can quickly fade furniture, flooring and artwork. If your windows face East or West, solutions that are both light controlling and light diffusing are best.
2. Privacy – This is usually one of the first concerns of a homeowner. Some products will provide a greater degree of both privacy and light control. The opacity level of a product should be considered depending on the area addressed. For example, bedroom window coverings usually require a more room darkening effect than other window coverings in a home.
3. Style – Would you prefer a traditional or contemporary design? A softer look or simple clean lines? Let us help you find the Peterborough Ontario window coverings that suit your unique preferences.
4. Colour – There are a myriad of colour options available to coordinate an existing palette with, or to create the perfect look from scratch. From neutrals to trend setting tones, the options are almost limitless. As Ontario interior design professionals, we can help you make a great choice.
5. Window Shapes – Besides the traditional square or rectangular windows, many homes now incorporate windows that are arched, angled, circular or Palladian.
6. Ease of Control – Depending on the accessibility of a window and child/cord safety concerns, one must consider the best solution to operate its movement. With advancements in technology and design, there are now several lift and control options available for many different types of window treatments − from corded to cordless, to both wired and wireless power remote.

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